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Pair of Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Spaniels, Male and Female, circa 1870

Often these Staffordshire Spaniels are sad singles, the mate having been broken many years before. The couple do indeed belong together and until I actually measured them, I had never realized that the potters made these pairs just a fraction different in size so that the female was a centimetre more delicate.

Originally modelled by the Staffordshire potters on Queen Victoria’s beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dash, they became a favourite and indeed a necessary parlour decoration during the Victorian era. No mantelpiece was complete without a pair standing guard.

This pair, with their creamy white mottled coats, have gilded highlights, and the classic gold padlock and chain decoration. Their hand-painted muzzles are brightly coloured and their are eyes are painted the classic Staffordshire yellow. Two black painted paws have been added while their coats have been modelled to a feathery fur.

The condition of both dogs is very good. There are no repairs, no cracks or re-painting.  There is the inevitable crazing with age and some of the gilt has worn off.  Otherwise, the dogs are in good form.

Male Spaniel: 25 cm H x 19 cm L x 14 cm D
Female Spaniel: 24 cm H x 18 cm L x 13 cm D