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Natural Green Jadeite on Necklace of Antique, Indonesian Mosaic Beads, Natural Citrine, Aventurine and Sterling Silver

  • The natural green, jadeite pendant informs the tones of this necklace.

  • The lustrous jadeite pendant is a range of colours, from sage to celadon, from brown to gold (these are the natural colours of the stone, which the carver has utilized). It is in the form of a gourd, which the Chinese regard as an emblem of prosperity and fruitfulness. The word for gourd is “hulu”, which is a homonym for fortune. A “qilin” or mythical creature crawls on top of the gourd in an effort to possess it and its meaning. The pendant is 2 inches long (5 cm), ¾ on an inch wide (2 cm) and 12 mm deep.

  • Above the pendant is a celadon jadeite cylinder, open at both ends and perforated in decoration. It is ¾ of an inch long (2 cm) and 11 mm diameter.

  • A green aventurine puzzle ball or ball carved within a ball, (11 mm) sits on top of the cylinder.

  • The pendants hang on tiny (3 mm) etched Karen hill tribe silver beads from Thailand, onto two, fair trade, handmade, sterling silver, ribbed, larger Karen hill tribe beads (19 mm).

  • Natural green aventurine lanterns (18 mm) comprise the bulk of the necklace.

  • But the highlight, on either side of the necklace are two, wonderful, antique, Indonesian, mosaic cylinder beads, in a hunter’s green, a gold and red design, which also includes suns and a face on one of the beads. These are rich, decorative, mat glass beads (1 ¾ inches long (4.5 cm) and 18 mm deep).

  • Ancient Jatim beads were produced in Java in the first millennium AD. Extensive trade between the east and west, took hold, often exchanging these beads. Roman mosaic beads were a strong influence on their design. Jatim beads have a thin layer of cane slices over a monochrome core. Rainbow colouring became a staple design.

  • These two beads are not ancient, but they are 19th century and are rooted in this tradition.

  • Four, faceted citrine discs (16 mm) accentuate the gold colours.

  • Sterling silver disc beads (13 mm) enliven the necklace.

  • A sterling silver, handmade toggle clasp, has been used because toggle clasps are easy to use and secure. My silver name label is attached at the clasp.

  • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.

  • The necklace is 18 inches long (45.5 cm) with a 2 ¾ inch pendant drop (7 cm).