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Ref 2043
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  • Having now created this necklace, I can see how versatile it is. But I have to admit my original inspiration was an old photo of the stunning model and actress, Ali Macgraw. She was wearing a coral necklace with a side clasp of white bone, large creamy white earrings, a red jersey and a white camisole. It was such a wonderful look that I had to recreate it in my own way.

  • The necklace consists of ten strands of scarlet bamboo coral, some beads at 7.6 mm, some cylinders at 4 mm and some, like thin shards at 8 mm long.

  • Bamboo coral is found under the deep-sea water. It is composed of calcium carbonate and its formation is much like tree branches, comprising alternating nodes. Because they look like bamboo, they were given the name, bamboo coral. Their natural colour is white to light beige. So these strands of coral have been dyed and stabilized.

  • All of the strands feed into two decorative squares of carved (on both sides) bone 3 cm square and 14.5 mm deep.

  • An etched silver bead (11 mm) leads into a silver toggle clasp which also has my silver name label.

  • Length 60 cm.