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  • Warm, rich colours of a mossy green and a burnt red make this a surprisingly easy necklace to wear with all sorts of combinations.

  • The centrepiece of the necklace is the antique celadon, nephrite jade, crawling baby, or more specifically, crawling boy. The Chinese have always treasured the male child. It is the boy who carries on the name, the work, the family tradition. So this jade piece (measuring 4 cm long by 3 cm high by 20 mm deep) would almost be a talisman to a family. This little chap has his one leg bent as he crawls while the other leg is bent as if to raise himself. He turns his head to face, us, but his one arm and hand clasp a peach, the emblem of immortality. A long life for a male child was a hope and a priority.

  • His other hand holds a snake, or serpent, which wraps itself around his back.

  • The snake has many meanings, but one, appropriate to this figure, is that of longevity, vitality, and prosperity

  • According to Taoist theory, there is a kind of force in the human body which coils itself like a snake and can be released through Taoism.

  • The necklace itself comprise a mixture of natural sponge corals and natural, mossy green jadeite.

  • Above the baby pendant there are two jade carved beads, one 9.7 mm and the other, a puzzle ball with a tiny jade ball within, 12.8 mm.

  • Three small sponge coral beads (6 mm) lead into two larger sponge coral beads (9.9 mm) with a natural textured pattern on the beads.

  • Two vintage, open worked carved cylinders in jade (20 mm x 11 mm) lead into two, (on either side of the necklace), vintage, round, open worked carved discs to symbolize Chinese coins, or prosperity. Two are 15.9 mm across x 5.5 mm deep, and the two larger discs are 17.7 mm x 7 mm deep.

  • On either side of the necklace there are four, natural sponge coral beads at 18.9 mm.

  • In between these coral beads, there is a carved, vintage jade bead in a lighter green (19 mm). It has been carved with the “Shou” symbol, for longevity.

  • Four jade beads, two at 15 mm and two at 11.5 mm. complete the design.

  • A silver toggle clasp has been used because toggle clasps are easy to use and secure. My silver name label is attached at the clasp. The clasp has also been made by the Karen hill tribes, of twisted silver wires to create a rope design.

  • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.

  • Length 47 cm with a 5 cm pendant drop.