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Ref 1987
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Ref 1987

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  • This enchanting vintage pheasant completely captured my attention. It could be from the 1940’s or even the Art Deco period. I only know it’s a complete delight, made in burgundy guilloche enamel and inlaid with small, natural, pale citrines. The pheasant is in wonderful condition, with his enamel feathers intact and the brass embossed feathers clearly delineated. He is a delicate piece, just under 5 cm across and stands at 2 cm high. I have seen pheasants ambling across fields, looking just like this, although their colouring is quite different.

  • The pheasant was originally a brooch which I had altered to a pendant.

  • At the centre of the necklace, there are two vintage vermeil and enamel beads from Indian, in red and green enamels (8 mm).

  • Following these, there are two vintage, handmade, 18K gold beads on hardened resin, (13.5mm) from Afghanistan. Using their traditional techniques the Afghani have been crafting gold for centuries. When Alexander the Great came to Afghanistan, his people brought many skills, one of which was working in gold. Like the Romans, centuries later, a yellow, 18 K gold was used. But one of the techniques was to take sheet gold and work it onto hardened resin and then decorate it accordingly. For me, this handiwork and the yellow gold colour gives the necklace warmth and character and complements the gems.

  • These are then paired by two citrine cylinders (11 mm).

  • The main part of the necklace consists of an almost natural burgundy carnelian, in faceted cylinders (9.5 mm x 9 mm) and beads (10.5 mm).

  • Just before the vermeil clasp, there are two small, vintage, handmade vermeil Afghan beads (9 mm).

  • I have used a vermeil toggle clasp. Toggle clasps are easy to use and secure. My silver name label is attached at the clasp.

  • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.

  • Length 44 cm.