Ref 1970

Ref 1970
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Ref 1970


  • Four strands of chrysoprase and antique nephrite jades;

  • All elements vary in size, shape and detail;


  • Grassy green chrysoprase stones

  • Dotted throughout are antique and vintage nephrite jades beads and cylinders, in tans, burnt umber and russet shades

  • Some plain, one carved to create an open work barrel, others are etched

  • Apple green jade beads

  • Faceted serpentine bead in a celery colour

  • Resin two-toned bead, imitating amber (chosen for its colour)

  • Carved, signed, boxwood ojimi (17 mm x 22 mm) of two mice wrapped around each other, both with inlaid eyes of horn

  • Ojime were carved, decorative toggles used by the Japanese to support their Inro, or a box-like purse for men; This is not an old piece, but made by a master carver in China, whose wife I have known and bought from for many years;


  • Smaller pieces of tangy green chrysoprase

  • Interspersed with the chrysoprase are vintage and antique nephrite jade pieces is tans, celadon, ginger colours;  one antique bead is carved and calcified

  • Open work celadon jadeite cylinder and jadeite bead

  • Tucked away within this strand is an antique, Chinese carved, Bakelite conch shell (20 mm x 9.9 mm)


  • Third strand comprised of flat, lighter, chrysoprase slices in an almost apple green colour

  • Antique nephrite jade beads, one in a golden tone, carved to look like bamboo another very dark and etched; another tan and etched and a last one a mottled brown

  • Another celery coloured serpentine bead


  • Aventurine beads (9.9 mm) in a basil green

  • Five antique carved nephrite jade beads in tans and  burnt sienna tones; a central cylinder bead at 15.8 mm x 28.6 mm is in celadon with russet veins

  • All four strands feed into two embossed silver beads (14.8 mm x 22mm) from South Korea;

  • Handmade, fair trade silver toggle clasp, made by the Karen hill tribes in Thailand, using twisted silver wire to create a rope design; My silver name label is attached at the clasp

  • Length 43 cm and 7 cm wide;