Ref 1959

Ref 1959
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Ref 1959


  • Antique Burma jadeite Bi disc (5 cm x 8 mm deep) in mottled apple green with gold markings; The Bi disc is a symbol of harmony and long life;

  • Hand carved bone Mandarin duck with tiny red Peking glass eyes; The Mandarin duck is an emblem of love and marriage;  they are noted to be very loyal birds;

  • Duck hangs securely on aventurine beads (3 mm) and the disc hangs on both aventurine and carnelian beads (3 mm);

  • Four vintage, handmade Afghan 18 ct gold, on silver, on hardened resin beads ( varied designs and in 2 sizes, one at 17 mm and the other at 16 mm);

  • When Alexander the Great came to Afghanistan in 330 BC, his people brought many skills, one of which was working in gold;  Like the Romans, centuries later, a yellow, 18 ct gold was used; One of their techniques was to take sheet gold and work it onto hardened resin and then decorate it accordingly; The handiwork and yellow gold colour give the necklace warmth and character and complements the gems;

  • Four natural Burma jadeite beads in apple green tones; One bead is 20.8 mm and the smaller jade bead is 17.3 mm;

  • Mat carnelian discs (16mm) contrast with the cream colour of the hand carved bone beads (13.5 mm);

  • Two carved quadrilateral beads in rock crystal (15 mm x 19.9 mm) and two rock crystal bullet beads (7.8 mm x 21 mm) complete the design;

  • Knotted silk/polyester cord with the traditional Chinese “flat knot” and “button knot”;

  • Vermeil toggle clasp;

  • Length 43cm with 5 cm pendant drop;