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Ref 1961
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Ref 1961

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  • 2017 is the Chinese year of the Ox;

  • Signed, carved mammoth ivory of a reclining ox (23 mm long, 10 mm high and 13 mm deep);

  • Full of realistic detail: tail swishes against muscular back haunches; peaceful face has inlaid horn eyes; ears flick back;

  • For the Chinese, the ox possesses qualities of diligence, persistence and honesty and those born in the year of the Ox (which 2017 is) are considered to be dependable and possess an innate ability to achieve great things;

  • Antique carnelian buckle (4 cm x 4 cm) in mottled rust-coloured earth tones, full of warmth and patina;

  • At the bottom of the carnelian buckle is a vintage, rare, 18 ct gold on hardened resin bead, (12 mm) made in Afghanistan; 

  • All the gold beads on the necklace are in fact 18 ct gold on hardened resin, from Afghanistan (front beads at 18mm and beads throughout the necklace, at 13.6 mm).

  • I have been using these Afghanistan crafted gold beads for a very long time because I love the yellow gold and the charming craftsmanship their work achieves. It suits the designs and stone I use. But they are now rare beads and costlier than ever if found; 

  • The Afghani have been crafting gold for centuries; When Alexander the Great came to Afghanistan in 330 BC, his people brought many skills, one of which was working in gold; Like the Romans, centuries later, a yellow, 18 ct gold was used; But one of their techniques was to take sheet gold and work it onto hardened resin and then decorate it accordingly; These etched and gadrooned beads are their creations;

  • The pendant hangs on 3mm carnelian beads;

  • Antique, carved carnelian beads (20 mm) from Afghanistan;

  • Antique, calcified, openwork nephrite jade barrels (17.8 mm x 22.7 mm) in parchment colour, touched with ginger tones;

  • jasper cylinders (24.9mm x 15 mm) in what the Chinese call, “ox blood”colour;

  • Traditional Chinese knotting, using their “flat and button knots” on a silk/polyester cord;

  • 14 ct gold toggle clasp; Toggle clasps are easy to use and secure; My silver name label is attached at the clasp;

  • Length 43 cm with 6.5 cm pendant drop.