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  • Natural Chrysocolla Slices and Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Chryscocolla is often used in a polished version, which makes it a sharper, brighter stone.

  • This necklace uses an unpolished stone, mat in effect, which creates a lovely, almost chalky appearance. It enables one to see the incredible natural patterns in the turquoise colour stone.

  • These are fairly large, irregularly shaped slices. They range from 6 cm long by

  • 4 cm wide and 7 mm deep, to 3 cm by 2.5 cm.

  • Chrysocolla is a blue and green stone made of a unique type of copper ore. Its colour comes from the oxidation process of the copper ore, which takes on a cyan colour with extended exposure to oxygen. But the stone also contains various other minerals, which create its soft texture and porous appearance.

  • I have placed a large (4 cm in diameter x 18.7 mm deep) handmade, sterling silver bead at the side of the necklace. Wonderfully embossed in a swirl pattern, it is made by the Karen hill tribes in Thailand, along with the 4 small beads (7.5 mm) at the end of the necklace, and the toggle clasp.

  • Karen hill tribe Fair Trade silver is nearly 98% pure silver. I mostly choose to use their silver because each piece is like a miniature bit of sculpture, individually crafted and created. I know that artisans in Northern Thailand produce this unique silversmithing in small villages, involving whole families in the process. Their work is fairly paid, and as a result, their beads are much more expensive. But a family is supported and wonderful beads and jewellery are produced in high quality silver.

  • A silver toggle clasp has been used because toggle clasps are easy to use and secure. My silver name label is attached at the clasp. The Karen hill tribe clasp has been made of twisted silver to create a rope design.

  • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.

  • Length 46 cm.