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Ref 1749
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Ref 1749

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  • This vintage oval shaped carnelian intaglio made in Afghanistan is set in a pendant of 18 ct gold. Their workmanship in both the gold and the intaglio is a delight. Carved into the carnelian is a horse which has been deeply etched to prance with its tail swirling in the air above it. The horse is an emblem of beauty, speed, nobility and freedom. Around the oval intaglio the gold has been etched and additionally made with a rope motif. On the reverse side, which one can wear alternatively to the intaglio, the gold has been embossed with a giraffe gently bending to graze in a leafy field. The pendant is 1¾ inches long by 1 inch wide and 13 mm deep.

  • The contrast of the deep carnelian (like the colour of burnt light molasses), to the green of emerald, makes a wonderful combination. The pendant hangs on a double strand of natural, faceted Columbian emeralds which are graduated in size from 7 mm down to 2.5 mm. I have chosen emeralds that are less intense than the stronger green emeralds because it makes a softer contrast to the pendant but still creates a dazzling punch.

  • Vintage 18 ct etched gold beads from Afghanistan are interspersed among the emeralds. The two at the centre and at the end of the necklace are 7.5 mm and the two further up the necklace are 6.3 mm.

  • The vintage gold handmade beads from Afghanistan have been made using their tradtional techniques. The Afghani have been crafting gold for centuries. When Alexander the Great came to Afghanistan his people brought many skills, one of which was working in gold. Like the Romans centuries later, a yellow 18 ct gold was used. One of the techniques used was to take sheet gold and work it onto hardened resin and then decorate it. For me, this handiwork and the yellow gold colour gives the necklace warmth and character and complements the gems.

  • I have used a 14 ct gold toggle clasp. I prefer using toggle clasps because they are easy to use and quite secure.

  • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour coordinated silk brocaded pouch bag made by a Shanghai tailor.

  • The necklace is 19¾ inches long with a 1 inch pendant drop.