Caring for Your Necklace

Every necklace comes with its own colour coordinated silk brocade pouch, made by a Shanghai tailor. The pouch is large enough so that the necklace is not stuffed into a bag and is protected.

The necklaces are strung on very special Japanese thread, using sometimes as many as eight threads per necklace. This thread is both strong and supple and can only be purchased from Asia. Each bead has been hand drilled and sanded to ensure the longevity of the stringing. But the necklace must be treated carefully. Stones are vulnerable as are the threads.

Silver beads and clasps can be buffed up gently but firmly with a silver cloth. This brings the lustre back to life. Gold and pinchbeck, and vermeil can also be buffed up with a gold cloth.

Perfume and hairspray should be applied well before the necklace. To clean silk/polyester cord, put a small bit of fairy liquid on a sponge and dab clean, dab rinse and pat dry with a towel.

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